New Ford Commercial Business and Fleet Vehicles in Vicksburg Michigan

New Ford Commercial Business & Fleet Vehicles Available Now in Vicksburg

Across the Kalamazoo area, DeNooyer Ford has been the top seller of Ford Commercial Business & Fleet vehicles for years. Whether you are a one-person operation or a large business, we have the inventory that will help you expand your operations. Our commercial vehicle center offers all popular Ford commercial vehicles. Here is a look at our current inventory.

Ford F-150 Trucks

The Ford F-150 truck is one of the most reliable, durable, and powerful full-size pick-up trucks that you can add to your commercial fleet. The F-150 is versatile enough to handle your daily hauling and towing needs. Also, as the top-selling pick-up truck in the world, parts are abundant and inexpensive. That gives the F-150 a lower cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle.

The F-150 offers many commercial applications. You can use it on a worksite, as a cargo transport vehicle, or you can use the truck for patrols and passenger transportation. We offer the Ford F-150 at competitive prices, which makes it a great choice for one-person operations and small businesses.

Ford Super Duty Trucks


When you have to have the toughest truck from Ford, then the Super Duty is the vehicle for your business. Bigger and more powerful than most other commercial trucks, the Super Duty can give you that extra hauling and towing capability to get more done. Just like the F-150, the Super Duty is easy to maintain, which will keep your overall operations down around Three Rivers.

The Super Duty is also durable. If you need a workhorse of a truck that will last you for years, the Super Duty will give you everything and then some. The Super Duty is an ideal worksite machine and can provide your business with years of top operation.

Cargo Vans

For all of your cargo transport operations, Ford has the top-selling Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect. The Ford Transit is a high roof cargo van that is the vehicle of choice for everyone from electricians to delivery companies. For many businesses across the Portage region, the Ford Transit is the go-to cargo van of choice.

Do you need a cargo van that can handle city work? The smaller, more nimble and reliable Ford Transit Connect is your choice. This cargo van offers a tight turning radius, large cargo capacity, and excellent fuel efficiency. This is the ideal van for small businesses or companies that simply need a vehicle for more congested conditions.

Ford Fleet Vehicles

Upgrade your fleet with a top selection of vans, trucks, chassis cabs, and more. We can upgrade your entire fleet for less than you would expect. Our financing team can provide you with flexible terms that will allow you to get the vehicles that you need right now. That includes chassis vehicles that can be fitted to do whatever that you need around Sturgis.

To help you find the right fleet vehicles for your business, our commercial vehicle sales team will be able to recommend the right choices for your business. We are experts at helping businesses, big and small, get the right vehicle at the right price.

Our Commercial Vehicle Center is Your One-Stop Location


At our Ford Commercial Vehicle Center, we have all of the top commercial vehicles that you need plus expert parts, maintenance, and service. We are ready to assist you with the acquisition of your vehicle and the ongoing care of your fleet. We are proud to help top businesses in the Kalamazoo area expand their operations with the newest and most capable commercial vehicles available from Ford.

See Our Ford Commercial Vehicles at DeNooyer Ford

Now is the time to give your business the upgrade it deserves. Visit us at DeNooyer Ford today to see our top selection of Ford Commercial Business and & Fleet vehicles. We offer many financing options that allow you to get the vehicles that you need today to grow your business tomorrow.