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Learn About A X Z D Plan Pricing at DeNooyer Ford

Here at DeNooyer Ford, drivers from Vicksburg, Three Rivers, Portage, Sturgis and the greater Kalamazoo area can find many different ways to save on the purchase of a new Ford. That's where the automaker's A X Z D Plan Pricing helps out. These are different plans set up to provide eligible drivers with exclusive offers and fixed discount pricing. Please see below where you can get an overview of these plans to see if you qualify!

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Ford A-Plan

Ford A-Plan is for current eligible Ford employees and provides you with one simple discounted price on most Ford vehicles. This simplified pricing gives you exclusive access to preferred pricing that completely eliminates the need to negotiate your selling price. If you work full time as an hourly or salaried employee, you are probably eligible for this. To redeem these savings, you will need to generate an A-Plan PIN and provide it to the dealership. If you are not familiar with this program, or would like to know your A-Plan Price on a certain model, please contact the dealership for assistance or visit www.axz.ford.com. Given there's lots of Ford production in Michigan, it's a standout way to get a vehicle.

Ford Z-Plan

Ford Z-Plan is offered to retirees from Ford or surviving spouses and provides you with the same exclusive discount pricing as A-Plan on most Ford models. Just like A-Plan you will need to generate a Z-Plan PIN to access these savings, please contact the dealership if you have questions regarding PIN generation or Z-Plan pricing on a specific model. If you are an hourly retiree who receives benefits from Ford or a salaried retiree in the general retirement plan, or a surviving spouse of someone who is, this payment plan option is for you.

Ford X-Plan Partner Recognition Program

Ford X-Plan Partner Recognition Program is for those who are in partner programs with Ford either through corporate or commercial related fields. Similar to the other plan programs, you will have access to exclusive discounted vehicle pricing that eliminates the need to negotiate pricing. Many of our local businesses here in Southwest Michigan are eligible for this program, if you think you may be eligible, please reach out to the dealership for verification and X-Plan pricing on specific models. You can also check your eligibility through the partner program by visiting Ford's X Plan partner recognition website and enter the information needed, which is generally an employer program code available from your employer's Human Resources department. To access these savings, you will need to provide DeNooyer Ford with your X-Plan PIN as well as employment verification documents.

Ford X-Plan for Friends and Neighbors

Ford X-Plan for Friends and Neighbors is offered to friends and neighbors of Ford employees or eligible retirees, who may sponsor up to four PINs per year. To access the exclusive X-Plan pricing, you will need to contact your friend or neighbor that is a current Ford employee or retiree to have them generate you an X-Plan PIN. If you have questions regarding access to this pricing or regarding X-Plan pricing on a specific model, please contact us today!

Ford D-Plan

Ford D-Plan is for those who work in Ford dealerships as employees or their families including spouse, parents, grandparents, sons and daughters (in-laws and step included), grandchildren, siblings and domestic partners. To access this exclusive pricing, please contact the dealership to generate a D-Plan PIN.

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