Retail Maintenance Service Pricing

Looking for a quick reference guide of our retail maintenance service pricing? We’ve got you covered! From AC Service to Windshield Wipers, take a look and let us know if you have any questions!

Air Conditioning Service
AC Performance Test$150.00$0$150.00
Evacuate & recharge*$150.00$60.00$210.00
Air Filter Replacement
Gas Engine$7.05$22.95$30.00
Vehicle Alignment Check only$99.00$0$99.00
Computerized 4-Wheel Alignment$139.95$0$139.95
Automatic Transmission
Auto Transmission (filter, gasket, fluid)*$333.00-478.00
Transmission Fluid (additional per quart)$7.20
Battery & Electrical System
Battery Check w/ volt amp test$62.50$0$62.50
Battery Replacement (non AGM)$30.00$139.99$169.99
Battery Replacement (AGM style)$30.00$179.99$209.99
Brake Service
Car/LT Front Disc Brake Pads w/ Rotors$180.00$219.99$399.99
Car/LT Rear Disc Brake Pads w/ Rotors$200.00$239.99$439.99
Car/LT Pads Only - Front & RearN/AN/AN/A
Super Duty Front Pads & Rotors$180.00$472.99$652.90
Super Duty Rear Pads & Rotors$200.00$472.99$672.99
Super Duty Pads only - Front & RearN/AN/AN/A
Cooling System
Cooling System Pressure Test, Replace Antifreeze/Coolant (up to 2.5 Gallons)$62.50$76.49$138.99
Antifreeze/Coolant (additional per gallon)$0$29.95$29.95
Lube, Oil, Filter
Gas Engine Conventional Oil (up to 6 quarts)$22.00$37.00$59.00
Gas Engine Conventional Oil (additional per quart)$0$6.16$6.16
Gas Engine Synthetic Blend Oil (up to 6 quarts)$22.00$37.00$59.00
Gas Engine Synthetic Blend Oil (additional per quart)$0$6.16$6.16
Gas Engine Full Synthetic Oil ( up to 6 quarts)$22.00$55.00$77.00
Gas Engine Full Synthetic Oil (additional oil per quart)$0$9.16$9.16
Diesel Truck Engine Oil (up to 13 quarts)$29.60$95.00$124.60
Diesel Truck Engine Oil (additional oil per quart)$0$7.30$7.30
Diesel Truck Full Synthetic Oil (up to 13 quarts)$29.60$169.39$198.99
Diesel Truck Full Synthetic Oil (additional oil per quart)$0$13.00$13.00
Plug-in Device and Y-Harness Installation
Installation of Fleet Provided PID$172.50$0$172.50
Tire Services
Mount and Balance New Tire (each)$22.00$0$22.00
Flat Tire repair - Remove, Repair, Mount$39.99$0$39.99
Rotate Mounted Tires$22.00$0$22.00
Wheel Balance$67.00$2.00$69.00
Wheel Bearing Repack (each axle)
E-Series Super Duty Only - Grease and Seal Only$250.00$79.98$329.99
Windshield Wipers
Replace Wiper Blades - Each$4.25$28.00$32.25
Install Snow Blades$4.25$28.00$32.25
* Pricing as of 3/11/2022.
* Pricing may change without warning. See dealer for details.
* Brake pricing does not apply to transit vehicles.

General Maintenance

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